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Five nukige full of magic, monsters, and milfs are being sold at discount and in the Scary Cherry Halloween Bundle on Steam.

Halloween is approaching fast and Cherry Kiss Games is offering five of their games on sale in their Scary Cherry Halloween Bundle on Steam. Each game is a visual novel with a fantasy or magical theme. You’ll be surrounded by monster girls, angels, demons, and magical girls. Individually, each game is 50% off, but if you get the bundle, you can save 53% with the bundle discount. These are the titles up for sale.

Deviant Dungeon: $11.99 (-50%) $5.99

Deviant Dungeon begins with our hero, casually playing a video game when he suddenly finds himself in another world at the mercy of a demon queen. She decides to make him her new “dungeon master” and leaves him in charge of fortifying her dungeon and strengthening its defenses. Four heroines: Princess Knight Risette, her sword teacher Aina, shrine maiden Suzuka, and the high priestess Ulysses stand against the Demon Queen. They are prepared to lay down their lives to stop the Demon Queen. What they aren’t prepared for are the perverted and humiliating traps our dungeon master has in store for them.

Nympho Monster Domination: $9.99 (-50%) $4.99

The protagonist is summoned to a fantasy world where he is told that he has the legendary power to tame monsters. As the only monster tamer left in this world, you must save the world from mythical creatures to restore peace. You could also use your taming abilities to turn these monsters into your subservient fuck toys. Whichever benefits the realm most. You’ll face off against a succubus who feeds off of humans’ essences, an arrogant Cerberus, a unicorn who believes humans are fueled by lust and greed, a Yamato no Orochi — or eight headed snake — who eats humans, and the most powerful creature of them all, the dragon Fafnir.

Angel, Devil, Elf, and Me!: $11.99 (-50%) $5.99

Ayumu was just an average bachelor in the modern world, but that all changed when three beautiful women appear in his living room through a portal. Apparently, he is the descendant of a legendary hero and it’s possible that any child he has is likely to be extremely powerful. These three girls, who are mythical beings from a fantasy world, have come to be his bride and bear his children. Before they get the opportunity to tear each other apart, Ayumu exclaims that he will decide which magical beauty will become his bride. The candidates for Ayumu’s hand are Rizabel, a succubus and the princess of hell; Elysia, a motherly angel; and Hilda, the leader of a dark elf clan.

Magical Milfs: $11.99 (-50%) $5.99

Ten years ago, a group of magical girls called the Pure Maidens stopped an evil organization known as the Nega-Force. That organization has returned as the Neo Nega-Force to continue where they left off. The Pure Maidens must be reunited. During these years of peace, they have moved on, got married, and grew up into mature women, but the world needs them to fight as the magical MILFs. When our protagonist Ryohei witnesses his neighbor Ayumi transform into Pure Sapphire, he uses that discovery to blackmail her into fulfilling his naughty fantasies.

Master of the Harem Guild: $12.99 (-50%) $6.49

So-called "monster tamer" Damien seeks revenge against the members of a prestigious guild for belittling him and doubting his abilities. He originally heads to the Forest of Evil to become stronger, but instead meets a female demon that gives him the power to get back at those who humiliated him. With his newfound powers, Damien has his eyes set on the innocent priestess Alicia, the deadly sniper Tina, the powerful witch Sara, and a strong paladin named Sonia. He intends to set his lewd plans for revenge into action, but his actions might be the catalyst for a much grander plan that could put the world in danger.

You can buy the complete Scary Cherry Halloween Bundle on Steam for $27.98. The bundle will be active until November 2nd. After that, the bundle deal is gone.

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