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Remakes of the first two games in Alicesoft’s iconic RPG series, Rance 01 + 02, are now available on MangaGamer in a single digital package.

Rance 01 + 02 is a new compilation containing the remakes of the first two games in the Rance franchise. The series began in 1989 with Rance - Hikari o Motomete, which introduced the titular, lust-driven anti-hero Rance in his comedic and (at times) nonsensical adventures. Since then, the series has spanned twelve mainline games, multiple spin-offs, and two OVA adaptations. The remake compilation aims to reconnect players with the origins of the series, through a modernized experience of its first two entries.

The first game in the compilation, Rance 01, sees Rance and his slave, Sill Plain, embark on a quest to find a noble’s missing daughter. Following his leads, Rance will have to explore various cities, hunt bandits, and explore dungeons, while his partner infiltrates an all-girls school. Aside from new art and additional content, the remake offers a new take on dungeon exploration and combat, themed with gambling iconography. If you’re interested in the game’s original release, we've reviewed it in the past.

The second game of the compilation, Rance 02, is a top-down dungeon crawler, taking place in the town of Kathtom. After the four female students of a wizard rebelled against him, they entombed the town underground and created a barrier that prevents people from leaving. In this adventure, Rance embarks on a quest to save Kathtom from its beautiful menace and discovers that the only way to truly stop the witches is to take their virginity.


The protagonist.

A skilled warrior and pretty competent adventurer whose head is constantly filled with thoughts of sex, which makes him act solely on desire and instinct. In that sense, he’s the perfect star of an 18+ title.

Sill Plain

Rance’s XXXXX.

She’s a powerful mage, but in the four months Rance has owned her, he’s used her for endless housework, random tasks, and sex.

Her role during this job is to act as Rance’s assistant.

Millie Lincle

The girl who runs the weapon shop, "Lost Hope," in Leazas.

Quiet and not very assertive. She has no real interest in her business and isn’t all that good at dealing with customers, but she’s friends with Patty.

She’s attacked by ruffians every so often (including Rance), but she always seems to make it out okay somehow.

Patty the Summer

The girl who runs the beach-themed item shop, "Baltic," in Leazas. It’s an item shop, but it looks the perfect place to visit in the summer. It has shaved ice, but it’s an item shop. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to have any plans to pick one or the other.

She’s never been to an actual beach before, so it’s her dream to go one day.

Yulan Mirage

A gorgeous gladiator who reigns as the unparalleled champion of the colosseum inside Leazas Castle. No one can avoid her special attack, "Mirage Sword."

Lia Parapara Leazas

The princess of the Kingdom of Leazas, which is the wealthiest nation in the world.

Her father, the king, is in good health, but she’s the real power behind the throne. Blessed with both brains and beauty that make her citizens implicitly trust her gentle smile. She hardly seems to have any flaws at all, in fact, but...

You can purchase Rance 01 + 02 on MangaGamer for $34.95.

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