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A demo has been released for Amai Works' upcoming erotic coming-of-age visual novel, Complex Relations.

Complex Relations follows a group of friends that go on a camping trip at a lake house before going to college, but three of those friends are looking to do more than making s'mores and go hiking. Of the group, there's Jesse, a guy who recently broke up with his now ex-girlfriend, Keira; Vani, an energetic and outgoing girl who is friends with Keira, but won’t let that stop her from pining for Jesse; and Alexa, a timid girl who has known Jesse since middle school and hopes to confess her feelings for him during the trip. Just what will happen between these three on the trip?

In Complex Relations, you will be switching perspectives between Jesse, Vani, and Alexa. Each of the perspectives will give you insight into what a given character was thinking or doing when they were away from the other protagonists or during important scenes together. There will be times when you get the choice to pick which character’s point of view you want to play from, but it's not a permanent choice. Additionally, some scenes can only be seen from one person’s perspective.

The demo for the game features 28,000 words. It isn’t complete, missing some music and sound effects, but a full demo with the complete soundtrack is in the works. Amai Works does have plans to start a Kickstarter campaign for Complex Relations, but a date for that has not been set.

Complex Relations is an erotic romance visual novel in three perspectives, exploring three unique protagonists' experience of love, sex, change and growth.

In the Summer of 2007, on their final break before college, a group of friends take a trip off the grid to a secluded lake house. Three of them, hoping to strengthen old friendships, form new romance, or have a fun summer fling, will find something different, and much more memorable than they bargained for.

You can play the demo for Complex Relations on

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