Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

After entering a strange new school, the protagonist gets swarmed by girls that are adamant on raping him in Nightmare School ~Lost Girls~.

Developed by dieselmine-Int’l-, Nightmare School ~Lost Girls~ is a femdom RPG Maker game where you play a student teacher. Our protagonist heads to a strange mysterious school for training, despite how suspicious it is. This school isn’t visible on any map and no one has heard of it. Upon arrival, a female student calls out to him and leads him to a classroom. As he enters the classroom, a group of school girls greet him. They seem normal at first, but something strange happens. The energetic girls go quiet and suddenly start to assault the protagonist. Unsure of why this is happening, the young teacher in training must escape the school while avoiding the lustful young ladies.

The game is based heavily upon stealth. You have to head towards the locations with the check marker to progress through the game and escape the school, sneaking through the hallways while avoiding the girls’ eyes. When they turn around, take the opportunity to run past them. You can press the C key to sprint, but you have a limited stamina bar. If the girls catch you, a pixel animated H-scene will play, leaving you to repeatedly press the spacebar to break free. They will still want to chase you if you do, so hide in bathroom stalls or lockers to lose them. The girls will return to their original positions before the chase. Areas with a large group of girls will have a pink highlight. You will not be able to sprint past them, but you will get a gang rape scene and a game over.


Our hero enters a school for training. He had a weird feeling about the strange place as soon as he passed through the gate, and then a lone girl called out to him. She led him to a classroom... and as soon as he entered, he was attacked and assaulted.

This is a mysterious school that's not on any map -- nor does anyone seem to have heard of it. Can our off-track hero find his way out? or will he be trapped in the school forever?


- Forced cowgirl in the classroom

- Getting endlessly squeezed dry while being treated like a chair

- Get caught in a game of tag, and it's gang-rape time!

- And more...!

You can buy the English version of Nightmare School ~Lost Girls~ on DLsite for $18.89 (estimated from ¥1,980). Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese, as the game may not work properly if you don't. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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