You will never be the same again

Harvest essences from the dreams of men in SmallSqurriel’s Get To Work, Succubus-Chan!, a bullet hell published on Steam by Lewd Formosa and OTAKU Plan.

Get To Work, Succubus-Chan! is a bullet hell in which you control a hard-working succubus, who invades the dreams of men in order to gather their essence. Each dream is inhabited by a luscious woman with her own backstory.

Each girl has multiple stages associated with her, each featuring different patterns of enemies that invade the screen. Your task is to destroy a layer of the woman’s clothing in each stage while avoiding enemy bullets. Shooting down enemies neutralizes the threat, grants you points, and may even provide you with an upgrade to your weapon, but is not necessary for finishing the level.

Winning the stage grants the succubus new underwear, which can be used to produce new outfits with different attack patterns and special skills. Finishing all stages associated with a girl will unlock an animated, sexually explicit scene featuring her in the gallery. Currently, the game features three female characters, each with three stages to beat. The developers plan to add three more girls before leaving the title leaves early access.


In your dreams, a panicked succubus stumbles towards you."Please help me!"

She begs in that sweet voice you can't refuse.

"You start help her with her job.

You begin to transform your dreams to be more and more lewd.

Is this just a factory for mens' "essence"?

Why is the boss posting higher and higher quotas?

Will you be of any use, or will you be "sucked" dry yourself?


• You're in a dream and this dream is a vertical shoot-em-up.

• Guess what the bullets do to their clothes?

• Put together different outfits to customize your attack patterns & special attacks!

• By outfits, we mean cute underwear! Collect cute bras and panties after every battle and upgrade them to enhance their abilities.

You can purchase Get To Work, Succubus-Chan! on Steam for $9.99.

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