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Help the magic academy graduate Catherine pay off her student loans before she becomes a slave in the visual novel Rise of the White Flower.

Rise of the White Flower is a chapter-based visual novel that follows Catherine, graduate of the Academy of Magic, and is located in the capital of the Empire. While she is now considered an elite within the Empire, studying at such a prestigious academy that was full of spoiled nobles has put her into debt — 150,000 drucats in debt, to be exact. What’s even worse is that she took out a loan from the Golden Eagle Bank, a bank that specializes in sinking high profile people into debt and enslaving them if they fail to pay them back. Catherine will need to join the Adventurer’s Guild to earn enough to pay the loan back in full or become a pleasure slave and say goodbye to her freedom. As the player, her fate is in your hands.

When Catherine joins the Adventurer’s Guild, there will be a lot of obstacles in her way. Difficult party members, nobles who will go out of their way to sabotage you, and monsters can become a problem, but the decisions you make and how you deal with them can either hurt or help you. A choice you make now can affect you down the road and change Catherine’s personality — along with how others interact with her — if you aren’t careful.


Rise of the White Flower is a visual novel with a heavy emphasis on story and dialogue. The world is inspired by D&D, with a sprinkle of real-world history thrown in for good measure. You will guide Catherine Belrose in her journey by making decisions that will alter how the story plays out, define her personality, and how the world reacts to her.

With the map you get to choose where you want to go and when. At the top left of the screen, there is a bar keeping track of your drucats, the date, and how many days until your next loan payment. You can spend your time how you see fit, such as checking on the guild for quests or spending time at the tavern with companions.

Discover the world of Valarien's in-depth lore and learn about it’s history, secrets, and corruption. You’ll meet a variety of adventurers with their own specialties and personalities to join you on your quests. You’ll come across many companions, it's up to you if you decide to pursue romance or some casual sex.

You can play chapters one to three of Rise of the White Flower on If you want early access to the other chapters, or wish to help fund the game, consider donating on Necro Bunny Studios’ Patreon page.

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