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Visual Novel Wanko of Marriage ~Welcome to The Dog's Tail!~ Now Available on Steam and DLsite

Run a patisserie with a pair of dog girls in alumi-soft’s Wanko of Marriage ~Welcome to The Dog's Tail!~, a visual novel now available on DLsite.

Wanko of Marriage ~Welcome to The Dog's Tail!~ is a visual novel developed by alumi-soft. The title follows the story of Toya Inuzuka, a successor to his family’s shrine; however, Toya doesn’t want to become a priest, and instead dreams of running a patisserie. His life only becomes further complicated when a pair of dog-eared messengers of their god, Koharu and Azuki, come to Toya, wishing to marry him according to a promise they made in the past. The trio now has to work together to realize their dreams.


Toya Inuzuka is the successor to the family shrine.

However, he dreams of becoming a pâtissier, and opening his own shop.

"As promised long ago, I have come to marry you"

Complicating things further are these two fluffy-eared and bushy-tailed messengers of god, Koharu and Azuki.

It is their dream to marry Toya...

The three of them will have to work together to fulfill their dreams!



The bright and honest older sister of Azuki. Speaks kindly to everyone in a calm, polite voice, but is said to be very scary when angry...

Stats: 154cm, 85(C-cup), 53, 84

Interests & skills: Walking, cooking

Likes: Toya's sweets

Dislikes: Bugs


An energetic girl who likes to move, and loves to eat. Appears to be a girl who doesn't sweat the small stuff, but she does have a sensitive side.

Stats: 154cm, 87(D-cup), 53, 85

Interests & skills: Walking, using her body.

Likes: Delicious food

Dislikes: Showers

You can purchase Wanko of Marriage ~Welcome to The Dog's Tail!~ on DLsite for $8.40 (estimated from ¥880), and on Steam for $9.99. The Steam version of the visual novel doesn’t feature adult content, however, it can be installed separately through a patch available on DLsite.

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