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Escape the hunter’s pursuit in Black Cyc’s SaDistic BlooD, a violent visual novel about vampires, now available on JAST USA.

SaDistic BlooD follows Yuna and Shizuha, a pair of vampires who try to enjoy their immortality in secrecy while hiding from the vampire hunters. Seeking refuge from their pursuers, they decide to go to the island city of Chisakura. Unbeknownst to the pair, the hunters are one step ahead and have already set up a trap on the island, anticipating their arrival.

The visual novel is a horror story followed from the perspective of the vampire girls, where the player has to help them make the right decisions to avoid the pursuers. The more blood the girls manage to consume, the stronger they become, which makes them more likely to survive; however, if they're caught by the hunters, they will be subjected to abuse and gruesome, torturous death, shown in graphic detail.

SaDistic BlooD features full voice acting for its heroines, a toggle option for whether one of the girls should wear glasses, eight sexually explicit images to discover, and an estimated 5-10 hours of content.

CONTENT WARNING: This game includes scenes of intense blood and violence that may disturb sensitive viewers. Player discretion is advised.

The Vampires Yuna and Shizuha come to the island city of Chisakura hoping to find refuge from the relentless pursuit of Vampire Hunters. However, it turns out that the Hunters are already lying in wait for them. Will the Vampire duo escape the Hunters' trap and live to see tomorrow, or will they meet a fate worse than death...?

The two Vampires travel Japan together, evading the pursuit of Vampire Hunters in an attempt to live out their undead eternity in freedom. On the fateful night of their arrival in Chisakura, the full moon shines down upon the duo, intensifying their Vampiric impulses. The two attempt to slake their thirst for blood while remaining unnoticed.

Little do they know that lying in wait for them in the island city is a Hunters' trap. Outnumbered by a party of dangerous biological weapons commanded by the vengeful Yuika, the two Vampires must now weigh their options. Do they go on the run and flee Chisakura, or do they stand their ground and fight?

With the odds stacked against them and time running out, Yuna and Shizuha must choose wisely if both of them are to escape with their lives. Will the Vampire duo escape the Hunters' trap and live to see tomorrow, or will they meet a fate worse than death...?

You can purchase SaDistic BlooD on JAST USA for the promotional price of $17.99, where it will later cost $19.19 after the promotion ends.

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