Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Join Kairi on an adventure to achieve her dream of becoming an idol in Akihabara in LIP! Lewd Idol Project.

LIP! Lewd Idol Project is an eroge visual novel being developed by Toffer Team, the same developers behind Himeko Maid and Hikari! Love Potion, and published by Denpasoft. The story follows Toffer Team’s official mascot Kairi, a cheerful young girl brimming with positivity. She moved to Akihabara to fulfill her dream of becoming an idol. Unfortunately, things haven’t been going so well. Kairi has been rejected by fifteen different idol agencies. To make things worse, she’s low on cash and has an increasing debt.

After another failed audition, Kairi meets Ranko, a self proclaimed “producer,” who suggests to her the most recent and ambitious project she has been working on: The LIP! Lewd Idol Project. Help Kairi navigate through the city of Akihabara and recruit girls for the project. Will you help Kairi fulfill her dream of stardom?

Key Features

- Relationship Meter

- Interactive and Uncensored Hentai CGs

- Multiple Branching Options

- Point & Click Adventure

- Akihabara Exploration

- Multiple Costumes

- Japanese Partial Voice Acting

- Wardrobe Mode

- Photo Mode

Toffer Team is asking for $9,500 to fund LIP! Lewd Idol Project. If they reach the goal before the deadline, they have thirteen stretch goals to reach for.

  • At $11,000, there will be a hot springs fanservice extra chapter for volume one of the series.
  • At $12,500, a beach episode fanservice extra chapter will be added to volume one.
  • At $20,000, volume two will introduce the news girl Yuki, a quiet gamer who has no interest in idols.
  • At $21.500, a hot springs fanservice extra chapter will be added to volume two.
  • At 23,000, a fanservice beach episode extra will be added to volume two of the game.
  • At $30,000, Kanako, a short-tempered gang-leader, will be introduced in volume three.
  • At $31,500, a hot springs fanservice extra chapter will be added to volume three.
  • At $33,000, a fanservice beach episode extra chapter will be added to volume three.
  • At $34,000, the sprites will be animated with Live2D bringing the characters to life.
  • At $35,000, Live 2D will also be used to animate the CGs and lewd H-scenes.
  • At $36,500, more Japanese voice acting will be made for the game.
  • At $40,000, Toffer Team will develop a vocal OST for LIP! Episode one.
  • At 44,000, the ULTIMATE Fanservice and P L O T extra episode will developed for the final volume.

If funded, LIP! Lewd Idol Project will be released in three volumes between 2021 and 2022. Depending on whether certain stretch goals are made, there can be ten chapters at most and, at the very least, there will be three chapters.

The campaign for LIP! Lewd Idol Project ends November 19th. As of writing, $5,408 has been pledged toward the initial $9,500 goal. If you are interested in funding the game’s development, consider checking out Toffer Team’s Kickstarter page. You can also download the available demo on

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