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Dungeon Crawler the Small Fry Dungeon and the Archmage Now Available on

Escape a noble’s maze in alecubicsoft’s The Small Fry Dungeon and the Archmage, a adult dungeon crawler now available on

The Small Fry Dungeon and the Archmage follows a cocky magician named Ricka, who underrated her latest assignment. Ricka was sent to the house of a local noble lord, who’s been fraudulently amassing wealth. She was supposed to arrest him and confiscate his ill-gotten gains; however, she declared her intent while standing over a trap door and was promptly sent into the dungeon deep beneath the manor. Now, she has to find her way out in order to get the job done proper.

The game is a turn-based dungeon crawler played from the first-person perspective. The player has to explore the dungeon, but with every step they take, there’s a chance that Ricka will be ambushed by enemies. She can defend herself by attacking or by using her zap spell, which has limited uses. The player's goal is to find keys hidden in chests, which will open the way forward further into the dungeon. During the game the player may come across special events, some of which feature erotic content. As it stands, there are four sexually explicit scenes to discover in The Small Fry Dungeon and the Archmage.


The quest this time is to arrest a local lord who has been fraudulently amassing wealth, as well as to confiscate said wealth.

Though this is an easy sounding job, the lord's stronghold is full of traps.

One such trap, a pitfall trap, leads to an underground dungeon. Who could have expected him to build something like this under his home?

However, this is just some local noble, and so the monsters in his dungeon are pretty weak.

For an archmage like Ricka, escaping is the simplest thing ever!

Game outline

This is a simple dungeon crawler RPG.

Look for the exit while defeating enemies you encounter on the way.

The protagonist starts out so strong she won't ever lose, but with each event her stats will drop.


H scenes: 4

Base CG count: 5

You can purchase The Small Fry Dungeon and the Archmage for Windows or Android on for $7.00. Back in August, the game was also released on DLsite, where it is sould for $7.30 (estimated from ¥770). A demo of The Small Fry Dungeon and the Archmage is available and can be found on the DLsite store page.

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