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Reverse the futanari curse in dieselmine’s Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy, an RPG published by Kagura Games on multiple storefronts.

The story of Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy begins in earnest when Mira, an apprentice alchemist, makes a mistake during practice lessons. As she mishandles her cauldron, it erupts in smoke, and when the smoke clears, Mira finds herself with a new set of genitals between her legs. What’s more, her newfound appendage is filled with magical energies, which many fantastic creatures and practitioners of magic would love to sample. This disastrous situation leads Mira on a quest to restore her former self and master alchemy along the way.

Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy is an action RPG. Throughout the story, the player will control Mira as she explores the fantastic kingdom in search of ingredients and advice on how to undo her recent transformation while experiencing various erotic scenarios along the way. Mira can use ingredients gathered in her quest to create new items and use them in combat to fight her foes while running away from their attacks herself.

Mira Aries

Mira’s just moved to this town on her path to becoming a praiseworthy alchemist. With a kind and cheerful personality, she loves to study, but that somehow does not translate well when it comes to practicing alchemy.

One day, Mira is practicing a particular alchemy spell when she fails, causing her to undergo a physical change… Mira searches for a way to undo that which she has brought upon herself.

Esmeralda Aquaria

Instructor of Alchemy at the university in town. Esmeralda teaches Mira’s classes and is an elf who has lived for a long time.

After she notes the change that Mira has gone through due to her trivial words and actions, Esmeralda enjoys teasing her from time to time. Due to living for so long, she has so much time on her hands, she doesn’t know what to do.

Roche Jungfrau

Mira’s classmate. Roche has a domineering personality, but she does look after others well, and previously taught alchemy tricks and tips in Milan.

A daughter of a family famous for its alchemists, she gets excellent grades.

Grana Grepes

Grana is a witch who runs a magical shop of sorts, somewhere in a corner of town.

She’s supposedly human, but since she never appears to change, and no one knows how long she’s been around, no one is quite sure what’s true anymore. Some even say she might be a specter!?

You can purchase Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy on Steam, Denpasoft, JAST USA, FAKKU, and the Kagura Games’ store for the promotional price of $17.99, until the 22nd of October, at which point the game will cost $19.99. Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy is also available on MangaGamer for the promotional price of $17.95, where it will later cost $19.95 at full price.

Adult content for the Steam version of Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy has to be installed separately in the form of a patch available for free on Kagura Games’ website.

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