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Step into the suburbs, where everyone’s dirty secrets are hidden closed doors, in A Town Uncovered, now available in early access on Steam.

Developed by GeeSeki and published by TinyHat Studios, A Town Uncovered is a slice of life visual novel with a twist. While in the suburbs, you somehow cross over into a parallel universe, where sex is acceptable and just as common as any other everyday activity. As you explore the town, you start to realize things aren’t as pleasant as they appear and you eventually find yourself stuck in a mess that’s more than difficult to escape from.

A Town Uncovered has dating sim and adventure game elements. There is a cast of over forty characters that you can meet and hook up with. Uncover the mysteries of the town while getting to know the townspeople and what they may be hiding. The H-scenes vary in intensity, so you will find both softcore and hardcore scenes. While playing with a day and night cycle, trek the large city to obtain money and items, with over forty locations and ten areas of the city for you to explore.

GeeSeki states that the early access version of the game contains over ten hours of gameplay and some routes are already completed. When the game is complete, there will be more content along with multiple sidestory routes. The game’s original price will stay the same when it leaves early access.

Sinful suburbanites and naughty MILFs await in this 18+ visual novel with adventure game and dating sim elements. Explore a sleepy little town steeped in sexy secrets. What goes on behind the closed doors of your neighborhood?

Not all is as it seems in the suburbs as you stumble across a sort of parallel universe, one where sex is so acceptable, it's done as freely as eating! However, there is a catch- not everything is as pleasant as it seems and you soon find yourself wrapped up in a sticky situation.

You can buy the early access version of A Town Uncovered on Steam for the discounted price of $13.49. On October 23rd, the sale will end and it will return to its regular price of $14.99. If you are interested in more work from GeeSeki, consider checking out their Patreon.

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