Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Team up with characters from fairy tales in EXNOA’s Versus Tales X, a gacha RPG now available through Nutaku.

Versus Tales X is an RPG developed and published by EXNOA. The game takes place in a fantasy world fueled by the human imagination, known as Otogiland. This place is inhabited by women from fantasy stories created by humans, from Cinderella to the Cheshire Cat. However, there’s also a dark counterpart to Otogiland called Demight, which is inhabited by evil creatures. The player takes the role of a man who accidentally finds his way into Otogiland, and learns that the inhabitants of Demight are currently invading the fairytale world. The only way for the protagonist to help in the fight is to share his inherent magical energies with the women; however, this can only be done by sharing his seminal fluids.

The gameplay of Versus Tales X follows a typical formula for its genre. The player has access to a variety of missions that feature story segments designed in the fashion of visual novels, followed by automatic battles that award resources and unlock new missions once cleared. While preparing for a mission, the player can create a party of up to six girls plus one borrowed from another player. During the fight, five girls will participate and two will wait on the bench to swap with incapacitated friends if needed. Characters fight on their own, acting in turns, though the player may choose to decide on their own when to use the girls' most powerful abilities, which are themselves limited by cooldowns.

Resources gained from missions can be used to improve the girls and their skills, or to craft new items. By using specific resources or duplicate character cards the girls can be evolved, which raises their level cap and often unlocks new episodes of their personal story, that may contain sexually explicit interactions. There are also hundreds of girls that can be collected through the game's gacha system, allowing players to earn random characters or items in exchange for premium currency.

Versus Tales X can be found on Nutaku as one of their many free-to-play titles.

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