If you build it, they will cum

Punish demon girls in Zai Studio’s Shoot Shoot My Waifu, a shoot 'em up now Available on Steam.

Shoot Shoot My Waifu is a sequel to Zai Studio’s previous game, 7 Sexy Sins. In the original game, God was getting bored, which prompted an angel named Raphael showed him his collection of naughty demon photos. God liked them so much, he told Raphael to go get more. Every time Raphael defeated a demon girl to make new photos of her, she would then escape to Earth. In Shoot Shoot My Waifu, Raphael discovers where they all hid, and arms himself to punish them again for his own enjoyment.

The game is a classic shoot ‘em up featuring eight stages, each dedicated to a different demon girl. During play Raphael moves along the stage, shooting down enemies and destroying the clothing of the demon in the level’s background, while at the same time avoiding enemy bullets. Each stage ends with a fight against a boss. Raphael can collect crafting items during the stages — these allow him to unlock alternate bombs and costumes with different shooting patterns.

Each stage in Shoot Shoot My Waifu begins and ends with a cutscene in the fashion of a visual novel. The end cutscene leads to an interactive sex scene, where the player can stimulate the demons using three different tools, eventually leading to her orgasm. One of the characters in the game is male, though they may not appear so at the first glance.

You can purchase Shoot Shoot My Waifu on Steam for a reduced price of $3.59. After October 19th the sale will end and the price will return to its regular $3.99. In order to remove censorship from the game, you will have to create a nude_patch.text file in the game’s data folder. A guide on how to do so can be found here.

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