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A campaign for Girls! Girls! Girls!?, a visual novel centered around cute maids and crossdressing, is now live on Kickstarter.

Previously, we had written an article about Girls! Girls! Girls!? when it was first announced back in July. The story puts you in the shoes of the new replacement manager of an otokonoko maid cafe in Akihabara, Girls! Girls! Girls!? There, you will meet four beautiful “girls” who you will be working with every day. There’s the sporty Ayase Yuzu, the fashionista Hayasaka Kaede, the graceful Kaduki Sena, and the fiery Nanase Nagisa. Fall in love with one of the “girls” in this sweet and fluffy love story; get to know them and they may just open their hearts to you.

The character sprites will be fully animated in Live2D, with four romanceable maids, multiple routes, and six different endings to find. The game was originally planned to be all-ages, but there will be an 18+ patch available, with uncensored adult scenes.

Gameplay Feature:

- 25 CG (NSFW & SFW Included)

- Fully animated characters!

- 6 Different endings

- Over 15 hours of gameplay!

- Unique Soundtrack

- Playable on PC via Steam and Mac/Linux

Myosuki is asking for $50,000 to fund Girls! Girls! Girls!?, and if they reach the goal before the deadline, the Kickstarter features seven stretch goals to reach for.

  • At $60,000, a headpat feature will be added to the game. You will be able to headpat your favorite “girls” and they’ll have new animations to show off.
  • At $70,000, the title will receive a PlayStation and Nintendo Switch port.
  • At $80,000, the CGs will be fully animated, and more unique animations will be added to the game.
  • At $90,000, Myosuki will create a special beach episode that will be free for all backers of the title.
  • At $100,00, a costume shop will be added to the game, letting you customize the “girls” outfits however you like. All backers will receive four new costumes for them.
  • At $120,000, the game will feature partial voice acting.
  • At $150,000, there will be full Japanese voice acting.

The Kickstarter campaign for Girls! Girls! Girls!? ends on November 12th. If you are interested in funding the game’s development or learning more about the campaign, check out the Kickstarter page for more information. There is also a demo available on Steam.

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