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Toffer Team’s Himeko Maid, a visual novel about a maid training contest, has been released on Steam by Nutaku Publishing.

Himeko Maid is a slice of life visual novel about a maid training contest. The story follows a girl named Suzuka, who’s trying to provide for her younger brothers and decides to join the contest to gain additional funds. Suzuka’s role in the contest will be that of a master — she will have to select one of the two participating maids and train her to be the best at maintaining the house, as well as servicing the master in bed.

The visual novel features partial Japanese voice acting, three girls to romance, two story routes for each maid, and three different endings in each route. Himeko Maid contains more than eight sexually explicit scenes to discover, which then become available in the visual novel’s gallery mode.

While Himeko Maid was originally released on Nutaku in March, Nutaku Publishing has now made the visual novel available on Steam.


Is a kind, shy and inexperienced girl that's been working day in and day out to raise her younger brothers as happily as possible... But things are not going so well lately, so she decides to enter and win the Himeko Maid as a Master!


A cheerful, energetic and friendly Maid who can be a little bit clumsy at domestic chores due to her lack of experience, but she's determined and willing to do anything along with her Master in order to win the Himeko Maid contest, including being the very best at Night Service Training…


A serious, polite, and mysterious Maid. She excels at almost every domestic chore due to her lonely and rough childhood but lacks the ability to express her emotions to others. Now she's willing to fight against destiny to win the Himeko Maid contest and start all over again and of course, become a master of N.S.T...


She is the Mansion director and secretary, she'll give you info and hints along the adventure when visiting her office, and will evaluate your performance on the Himeko Maid contest. She has a big crush on Suzuka, so she won't hesitate to use her charms and experience to seduce you…

Are you ready for this wholesome and cute story with a lot of girl-on-girl action? <3

You can purchase Himeko Maid on Steam and Nutaku for $4.99.

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