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Uppers Coming Soon to PC, PlayStation 4 Version Canceled in the West

Marvelous has finally announced the release date for the PC version of Uppers, while also confirming the cancellation of the PlayStation 4 version.

Uppers is an over-the-top fighting game produced by Kenichiro Takaki of Senran Kagura fame. The game follows two young men who hope to find glory and riches on the Last Resort Island, a place where violence is glorified as entertainment. Uppers is distinguished by its over-the-top action, as the players are able to kick cars, send enemies flying through walls, or uppercut them into flying helicopters. The game was also noticeably erotic, with fights attracting crowds of excited women that the player can fall into when struck, landing in inappropriate places. Additionally, Uppers features a mini-game about uplifting women’s skirts.

The game was originally released on PlayStation Vita in 2016, exclusively in Japan. In 2018, a remake of the game was announced by Marvelous, due for release on PC and PlayStation 4 . It was meant to be released later the same year in the West, featuring 1080p graphics, an improved frame rate of 60 FPS, and text translations into English, French, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. After its initial announcement, there was no further news of the remaster.

The exact release date wasn’t revealed until now, two years after the initial announcement. On October 9th, XSEED games uploaded a launch date announcement trailer to their YouTube channel, revealing that the game will release exclusively on Steam, on October 21st.

Gaming publication Gematsu has contacted XSEED games and Marvelous Europe in regard to the originally-announced PlayStation 4 release of the game, and received a response stating that the PlayStation 4 version is no longer in development for either of the two regions. It is currently unknown what was the exact reason for cancellation or whether other regions will see a PlayStation 4 release of the game.

Uppers will be released on Steam on the 21st of October for $29.99.

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