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An unskilled magician cures an arcane fever through unorthodox methods in Arcana: Heat and Cold Season 1, now available on Steam.

We went over PixelGreeds and HarDDeer's game, Arcana: Heat and Cold in an article seven months ago when it was still in development. This is an episodic adventure game where you play as a Spellbreaker who cures people of arcane fever, a mysterious and dangerous illness. Unlike the average Spellbreakers who feel magic, you use more intimate methods. To break the fever, you’ll need to find out what caused it by investigating the surrounding area and talking to the people involved with the patient. Use your findings and present them when needed.

When working with a patient, you must know when to be calm and gentle and when to be aggressive and confident by using the appropriate runes and items for each situation. Using the right ones will allow you to progress through the game. With each patient’s case, you will meet various girls types of girls, such as milfs, wolf girls, spider girls, and demonesses. They have unique personalities, fetishes, and desires, and problems. Helping them out may take you a step closer to curing the patient’s fever and understanding why the arcane fever happened in the first place.

-Comics/manga style.

H-scenes are an interactive comic book that requires using runes and different items.


70+ unique panels. And 150+ total CGIs.


The text and the story are very important parts of the game. You'll have to properly asses the situation and choose the right solution.

You can buy Arcana: Heat and Cold Season 1 on Steam for the discounted price of $3.99. After October 13th, the sale will end and the price will return to its regular $4.99.

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