Your little secret is ours now

Release your pent up lust with your sexy teacher in the nukige KANOSEN - My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher, now available on JAST USA.

Developed by monoceros+, KANOSEN - My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher puts you in the role of Hatori Yuu, a student with an out-of-control sex drive. He needs to masturbate three times a day or else he can’t concentrate on anything. He’s inattentive and only provides half-hearted responses in class. It has gotten so bad that his teacher, Kaori-sensei has scolded him more than once.

The reason Yuu has been having a hard time in school is because he’s got the hots for Kaori-sensei. His lust for her is so bad, just looking at her gets him erect. There’s only so many excuses he can make to avoid her before she gets suspicious and makes him stay after school.

When that day finally arrived, Yuu was left alone with Kaori-sensei in the student counselling room. She asks if he’s being bullied, but he could never tell her the truth behind his odd behavior. As she takes his hand, Kaori-sensei tearfully states how she would do anything to help him enjoy his life at school. All the bodily stimulation, from holding her hand to her very scent, sends him over the edge, making him cum in his pants.

Feeling his underwear fill with spunk and cheeks flush from embarrassment, Yuu takes a chance and asks Kaori-sensei to help him masturbate. Surprisingly, she agrees to it. Thus begins their secret student-teacher affair.


This title is a nukige with a voluptuous teacher that is ready to make your fapping experience a relaxing one.


- Fully voiced in Japanese

- 3 sets with 4 Hentai Scenes fully animated and uncensored!

- Choose if Kaori-sensei wears glasses or not anytime during the gameplay (excluding animated hentai scenes).

- 100% hentai art on all CGs, exposing Kaori-sensei completely uncensored!

- 3 hours of gameplay

You can buy KANOSEN - My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher on JAST USA for the discounted price of $17.99. After the sale ends, the price will increase back to $19.99.

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