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Demo for Beyond Eden: Dear Edward Now Available on Steam

A demo version of Beyond Eden: Dear Edward, the aristocratic-raising spin-off of the original Beyond Eden, has been released on Steam.

Beyond Eden: Dear Edward is a spin-off of the original Beyond Eden, taking place after Lawrence’s good ending in that game. In Beyond Eden: Dear Edward, you play as Edward, the third son of Baron Edenic from the previous game. After building up a gambling debt of £1000, he asks for Alex Wake’s help in paying for it. The two of them make a deal soon after, where Edward will work for Alex as an amateur detective in order to pay him back. If he can’t repay the debt within the year, Alex will tell his eldest brother about his gambling woes.

As the player, you decide how Edward will spend his time, helping him raise his stats and work off his debt during the week. Stats that he earns are used for random skill checks that happen during the game. There are also requirements for completing cases: when you have a case and enough skill in the stat you need, you can complete it to earn extra money.

On the weekend, you will be presented with a map featuring different activities. You can either rest, continue with the available studies, or do a character event available on the map. If a number is next to a character on the map, that tells how long that character event will be available on weekends. If a character has 0 next to him, that means the event is only available for that weekend. If he has a 2 next to him, his event is only available for the current and next two weekends.

Edward has two love interests to pursue. There’s Alex Wake, the protagonist from the first game. Edward was very fond of him, but the relationship between the Edenics and Alex has been pretty shaky after the events of the first game. Second, there is the new character, Francis Taylor. He was Edward’s roommate during boarding school. Unbeknownst to Edward, Francis has been in love with him since they were young, but Edward wants nothing to do with him, as he was involved with the incident that got Edward expelled.

Repay debt and work as a private detective

Edward’s 1000 pound-debt is certainly a lot of money, but there are means to repay it.By developing various abilities Edward can work as an amateur detective, solving various cases that arrive at Alex’s office and get rewarded in turn.

Unbreakable gambling habit

Though Edward is regularly invited to card games, his skills are subpar to say the least.Whether he again deal in cards, the very cause of his debt, depends on you.

The ghost of Lane Hall

Edward lives in Lane Hall, a mansion rumored to be haunted by a ghost that has frightened many visitors.But Edward may be able to communicate with the ghost if he learns the ways of spiritualism.

Friendship and…matchmaking…?

Edward can socialize with characters from "Beyond Eden", namely his brothers and acquaintances.By gaining their trust, he can arrange for them to grow more intimate with Alex.

Special mini-episode

By fulfilling certain conditions, you can read short epilogues of "Beyond Eden" characters Oscar, Joshua, Jeremy, Laurence, Morris and Theodore from the Extra menu.

You can download the demo for Beyond Eden: Dear Edward on Steam. At the moment, there is no specific release date for the game, but it is currently set for 2020.

If you want to catch up on the original Beyond Eden, you can check out our review on it.

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