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Action Platformer Lillian's Adventure -The Sage's Tower and the Great Cave Labyrinth- Now Available on DLsite

Scale the sage’s tower in Kokage no Izumi’s Lillian's Adventure -The Sage's Tower and the Great Cave Labyrinth-, an action platformer now available on DLsite.

Set in a fantasy world, Lillian's Adventure -The Sage's Tower and the Great Cave Labyrinth- follows the titular heroine on her quest to become stronger. Lillian is a skilled elf ranger, skillful with a bow and adept at the use of magic; however, she’s also a shy person, preventing her from forming an adventuring party, thereby making her life as an adventurer much more difficult. One day, the adventurer’s guild discovers the existence of a Sage’s Tower, which, if scaled successfully, could grant immense power to an adventurer. Upon hearing of it, Lillian decides to brave the tower alone.

Lillian's Adventure primarily features action-platforming gameplay. The player will have to explore large, winding locations in search of items and keys necessary for progression. To achieve their goal, the player has access to Lillian’s repertoire of adventuring skills, including her bow and blade for dealing with enemies, or abilities to dash over large distances, slide through tight spaces, and stick to walls. By exploring the level, the player can also find various useful items, from consumables granting temporary buffs, to materials that can be merged with Lillian’s magical gems to improve her statistics.

While exploring the levels, Lillian will be confronted by monsters and monster girls, who will abuse Lillian if they can defeat her. Additional scenes can also be unlocked by interacting with NPCs.


Take note before you play that there are many slightly grotesque and explicit scenes included in this game.

Monster girls, vore, swallowed whole, digestion, excretion, jacking off, lesbian, size difference (giant girl), lactation, urination, masturbation, etc...


Lillian is an adventurer of the "elf ranger" race.

She combines her exceptional physical abilities along with her race's innate magical abilities of trap creation to perform her unique magic of matter creation.

This has allowed her to become a C-class adventurer.

However, Lillian hasn’t been able to form a party due to her lack of social skills, which leaves her as a struggling solo adventurer.

One day, the adventurer’s guild caught wind of a rumor about the existence of a “Sage’s Tower.”

It is said to stand in the unexplored region of southern Esmerelda province,

and those who climb the tower and ask the residing sage for wisdom are able to obtain great powers.

However, it was also rumored that all adventurers who attempted to climb the tower had disappeared…

Taking an interest in this tower after hearing the guild’s warnings, Lillian headed towards the unexplored terrain all alone...

You can purchase Lillian's Adventure -The Sage's Tower and the Great Cave Labyrinth- on DLsite for $15.75 (estimated from ¥1,650). A demo of the game is available on the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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