Now supporting one handed controls

Subjugate and mate with monster girls to quench their lust in Succubus Diary’s SuccubusAffection, an action platformer now available on DLsite.

SuccubusAffection takes place in a fantasy world populated predominantly by monster girls. One day, a retired succubus adventuress named Iris finds a human boy abandoned in a picnic basket. Humans are presumed to be extinct in this world, so seeing as there’s no one to take care of him, Iris takes the boy in as her little brother and raises him in her village, where other monster girls quickly grow accustomed to him.

The boy has a carefree childhood and grows up to be kind and helpful, but one day, while gathering mushrooms, he runs into wild slime girls, who immediately go into heat and assault him. As it turns out, monster girls who aren’t used to the boy's presence will lose control of their lust at the mere sight of him. As such, he and his sister begin looking for a way to address this issue, gathering all grimoires they can find in search of a cure.

As SuccubusAffection is an action platformer, you will be controlling the human boy as he helps her sister find a solution for his strange situation. While exploring the world at your sister’s direction, you will have to defend yourself from various lust-crazed monster girls. They'll will try to defeat and abuse the boy, who in turn has to defeat them through the use of various attacks and skills, in order to subdue them and make tender love to them — which will cause them to regain their senses. Most sexual acts in the game are displayed with pixel art sprite animation, and each monster girl features at least two poses.

Every monster in the game is a unique NPC with its own name, and subjugating them allows the boy to make friends with them, granting him a minor increase in statistics. Befriended monsters can then be summoned at a later time to aid the boy in combat. The world is also full of treasures and resources that can be used to craft various helpful items. SuccubusAffection features many difficulty modes as well as a configurable amount of skill slots, allowing players less accustomed to action games to play with a simpler control scheme, empowering their basic moves in exchange for carrying a smaller amount of abilities at hand.

You can purchase SuccubusAffection on DLsite for $23.15 (estimated from ¥2,420). A lengthy demo of the game is also available on the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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