Now supporting one handed controls

G-lair's sci-fi adventure game, Primeval Planet: Angimanation, is now available on DLsite in English.

Developed by G-lair, Primeval Planet: Angimanation is a third-person shooter where you play as Ava Liberty, a member of an expedition by the Upper Worlds, codenamed Anigmanation. While on a reconnaissance mission with her team, her ship crashed on an upper world planet. Now, she needs to find the rest of her party and survive the planet because the inhabitants are more dangerous than they thought.

The game is laid out like a side-scrolling Metroidvania title. There are different areas of the planet and as you explore them, you will fill out the map in your menu. All areas will be visible, but only areas that you've been to will be highlighted, and specific details such as doors being locked or unlocked will be labeled. While searching for your missing crewmates, you will find items that you can use for crafting, which can be combined to make ammo, rebuild broken armor, and create medical supplies.

Enemies can spawn from above or be hidden in the room with you. Hold the X button to aim and press the C button to shoot. You can’t move while aiming your gun, so make sure you are far away from enemies or they will grab you and start raping you. To break out of it, hit the left and right arrow keys repeatedly before the bar fills up. The first time you get caught will break off your armor, and getting caught twice more results in a game over, after which the game automatically loads your last save.

Primeval Planet: Angimanation features four difficulty levels; easy, normal, hard, and hell. The difficulty you choose decides how much of the story and information you’ll get; the harder the difficulty, the more you learn from it. The hell difficulty is also the only mode that will get you the final ending.

Rich World Background!

60 areas and more than one hundred events included!

Two base endings, two extra endings, and one hidden ending waiting for you to explore!

A complex situation involving forces to fight each other and creates a story of love and hatred!

Universe System!

Health point, pregnant point, poison and horny... only master them bringing you a chance to survive!

Destroy your enemy with different bullets and weapons!

An item combine system help you increase the value of your resources! An erotic item is always useful!

You can buy Primeval Planet: Angimanation on DLsite for $15.78. There is also a demo available if you want to try out the game for yourself. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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