Clean up for the next guy

Build a harem in another world in ISEKAI QUEST, a match-3 puzzle game with roguelike elements, now available on Steam.

ISEKAI QUEST is a match-3 puzzle game developed by Ginkgo Studio. The game’s story follows a young man who, while on his way to a store, was struck by a truck. Through death, he was transported to another world, filled with fantastical women, the likes of which he decided to conquer.

During the game, you'll get to choose from a variety of levels, each containing a unique female character. After a brief narration with branching dialogue, you will be thrust into a match-3 duel. By connecting gems of the same color, you can deal damage to your opponent, but every few turns, they will hit back. Connecting longer chains of gems will allow you to gather mana, which can be used to activate powerful skills. If you win, you will be given a permanent upgrade to your stats, and the love meter of the character you fought will increase by one heart. Collect each of the hearts and you will unlock their dedicated adult scene; however, if you fail at any point, all love meters will reset.

One day you meet an unfortunate end and wake up in the world of Isekai,

You find yourself in a relentless quest against beautiful women across this fantasy world.

Will you find a way home? or live out your days in a Isekai Harem?

Welcome to the world of ISEKAI, a fantasy world filled with beautiful anime waifus!

Isekai Quest! is a Moe Puzzle RPG Game, where you must think with both your heads to tackle the challenges before you!

Isekai Quest! provides encounters with engaging characters!

Progress through the levels! Increase the love gauges for your love interest!

And unlock hidden modes!

Psst! You can even...

Control the digital manifestation of your will (Mouse Cursor)

and touch your favorite girl to your heart's content!

ISEKAI QUEST is available on Steam at the promotional price of $3.19 until the 22nd of September, at which point it will cost $3.99. A premium edition of the game containing the artbook and digital album is available at the promotional price of $4.31, and will later cost $6.76. To view the game’s adult content, you will need to install the free ISEKAI QUEST: True Vision DLC.

A demo version of ISEKAI QUEST is available on Newgrounds. If you’d like to access early release builds of the developer’s future titles, you can also support them on Patreon.

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