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Salthe, a visual novel centered around psychological horror, developed by Soiree and published by HOBIBOX and ShiraVN, is now available on Steam.

Salthe is a horror visual novel named for its protagonist, the deceased Princess Salthe. In life, she was a talented princess, and aside from her royal duties, was also known as the finest actress in Mersin's national theater troupe. In death, she meets with an enigmatic figure: a jester, who introduces himself as Kloun. He offers Salthe another chance at life, but in order to be resurrected, she has to perform events from her past on the liminal stage, a place located at the boundary of life and death.

The tragic story of Salthe will take you through the life of its protagonist, during which she experiences various forms of abuse. The visual novel contains a branching narrative and a special setting that shows which decisions lead to bad endings. While primarily a psychological horror in nature, if the optional content patch is installed, scenes of torture, rape, and gore appear in various moments of the story.

This is the “ comedy” of Salthe—

A jester turns a human life to comedy,

and weaves a thrilling tale of Salthe's memory.

How did Salthe die, at the end of despair?

Join us, audience, as we wind our way there.

“ Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”

At the end of a journey of blood, despair, regret, and madness—

a stage perched on the razor's edge dividing life and death.

With no audience to cheer, at a jester's direction, Salthe performs her past.

To learn the reason for her death.

To return to the world of life.

Each scene is full of scorn and mockery,

she writhes and struggles, through to the end

of the tale of Salthe's life—a comedy——

Dramatis Personae

• Salthe: The star of this performance, known far and wide as the finest actress in Mersin's national theatre troupe. Clever and competent, she has always balanced her stage work and her royal duties with skill. Now she relives her time as Mersin's crown princess while searching for the reason for her death on Kloun's phantasmagoric stage.

• Marie: A kind-hearted nun, Salthe's childhood friend. Lives alone in a church outside town, where she cares for children who have lost their parents. The orphanage's finances are dire, but she keeps a cheerful smile while making ends meet. She'll never back down once her mind is made up. Salthe has been helping her look for adoptive parents for the orphans.

• Kloun: An enigmatic jester who grants Salthe a chance to return to life from the liminal stage. Professes to be Salthe's friend, but never drops a theatrical facade.

Break a leg...

You can purchase Salthe on Steam for the promotional price of $12.74 until the 22nd of September, at which point it will cost $14.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately. It is available in the form of a patch on the developer’s website.

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