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A campaign to release four erotic visual novels Mushi 2021 Games is open on Kickstarter.

Mushi 2021 Games is a collection of visual novels that the developer Mushi plans to release throughout the year of 2021. Each title varies in length and genre. The visual novels will be separated into chapters, with one chapter will be released each month.

The first game is The Vamp, a visual novel with multiple ending and scored choices. You have the choice to play as Yumi the vampire or the guy. Both characters have the goal of dominating the other. By the end, you will receive a rating based on your choices. This game will have one chapter, and is planned for a September release.

The second game is Wishes, where you play an unlucky guy in a school with three particularly mean girls named Diane, Ashley, and Elizabeth. One day, he finds a magic lamp that makes his wishes come true. Wishes will consist of two chapters, and they are planned for November and December.

The third game is Alone, a horror-esque visual novel where you wake up in the middle of the night to find a “demonic” girl waiting for you. Alone is a one-shot that is a planned Halloween release.

Finally, there's Lola’s Adventures, a fantasy series following Lola and her friend Rose. One night, Lola realizes everyone has started to look at her differently. She draws so much attention, especially from men. This strange occurrence starts off her journey. Lola’s Adventures will be a series of seven chapters and they have a planned release starting in February and ending in August.

Mushi is asking for $2,369 (converted from €2,000) to fund Mushi 2021 Games. According to the Kickstarter page, there are two stretch goals, but they will not be revealed until the first goal is reached. The rewards include updates on the project, early access to the games, eight digital dakimakura, a digital art book, physical letter, and the opportunity to create a game character or custom CG scene.

The campaign for Mushi 2021 Games ends October 15th, which, as of writing, has raised $2,247 (converted from €1,897) of the initial goal. You can learn more information about the project on Mushi’s Kickstarter page.

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