If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Follow Estelle and her friends on their most difficult quest yet in Winged Cloud’s Sakura Knight 3.

Sakura Knight 3 is the latest entry in Winged Cloud’s fantasy adventure series about the clumsy knightess Estelle striving to prove herself. Estelle is a daughter of a famous swordswoman who defeated the demon queen, becoming a revered hero. However, despite that Estelle herself has received a sheltered childhood in a small rural village. This didn’t stop her from dreaming of becoming an adventuring knight herself, and eventually, she departed into the dangerous world.

In the previous entries to the story, Estelle has befriended other adventurers to form her own party, and built her renown by completing quests for the guild. This time around, in Sakura Knight 3, Estelle and her team are already recognized as capable adventurers, and will now face their first true call to arms: a half-dragon servant of the old demon queen amassing forces to get revenge. It will be up to Estelle and her friends to stop her.

A young woman with lofty ambitions. She dreams of being a knight like her mother, the famous Cressida, who defeated the wicked demon queen, Gunhild.

Estelle wants dearly to be brave and strong, but she's a shy girl with self-esteem issues. Kind-hearted to a fault, she puts others before herself, and often works herself up unnecessarily. She's naïve and a little too trusting, but has a great capacity for love, and is surprisingly good at settling arguments.

An elven princess many years older than she initially appears. One day, she will inherit the throne of Gris and become a queen but, for the present, she's testing her skills by accepting quests at Grimoire's guild.

A chivalrous woman with a strong sense of justice, Felicia loves nothing more than protecting fair maidens. She's gifted with a sword, has incredible physical prowess, and is swift and decisive during battles.

She would be an incredible ally, if she wasn't so liable to get distracted by how attractive she finds all her team mates when they're flushed and sweaty.

A wolfgirl of few words, whose grasp on Lemurian is rather shaky. Rune finds it hard to communicate verbally, and often resorts to physical gestures to get her point across. She's very fond of Estelle, and is forever hugging and nuzzling her.

Rune doesn't get on well with Tart, who she views (not unreasonably) as a trouble-maker... but, after the events of Sakura Knight 2, the pair have made steps to amend their rocky relationship.

Still, Rune can't always resist the urge to get into scraps with Tart.

A coy, conniving catgirl who values money above all else, and has no qualms about taking advantage of others.

She may seem amoral, but she has her own code of ethics, and she cares deeply about her team members (in her own twisted way). She's particularly fond of Estelle, and takes great pleasure in making her squirm with embarrassment.

She's a handful, but she's a valuable ally, with magical skills that shouldn't be sneezed at. As cute as she may seem, she's not one to be taken lightly.

You can purchase Sakura Knight 3 on Steam for $9.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately, and is available in the form of a patch on Winged Cloud’s Patreon.

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