Fapping is more than just a game

Hentai Room’s first RPG Maker title, Succubus Hotel, is now available on Steam.

Succubus Hotel is a game developed and published by Hentai Room, Male Doll’s “straight brand” of games. After losing a disastrous round of poker, Carmilla the succubus might lose her hotel to Beelzebub. To pay him back, she’ll need to collect Fragments of Desire from humans within the next 31 days. To achieve her goal, Carmilla will require the help of Corina, a homeless Neko maid that was kicked out of her village. One problem is that Corina is innocent and naive to the joys of lust and perversion. Carmilla will need to turn Corina into a proper slut while managing the hotel. If they don't collect enough fragments in time, Beelzebub will make them into his sex slaves.

Succubus Hotel is similar to Male Doll’s Cumming Hotel, in terms of gameplay. During the night, Carmilla will go to Lust Tower to hunt down pent up explorers and Corina will take care of guests that stay at the hotel during the day. That doesn’t mean that Corina doesn’t get into her own risque situations though. Helping the guests at the hotel might lead her to some interesting situations. Each person the girls help will have another job that will get increasingly lewd. However, you cannot take the job until you meet all the prerequisites for it.


- Slice of Life RPG;

- 2 Types of Gameplay (a Management + a J-RPG):

- Job System;

- 2 Playable Hot Girls with different personalities (a succubus and a Neko);

- 2 Endings;

You can purchase Succubus Hotel on Steam for the discounted price of $4.79. After September 18th, the sale will end and the price will increase back to its regular price of $5.99.

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