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Saber Studios Seeks Funding for FluvStruck on Kickstarter

The time management dating sim where you play a terrible romance novelist, FluvStruck, now has a live campaign on Kickstarter.

FluvStruck is a visual novel dating sim that was heavily inspired by Huniepop, and involves time management, mini-games, memorization. You take control of a protagonist, who is a romance novelist that's terrible at writing stories. Your working habits and interactions with girls begin to change when Yuna, a girl who does nothing but tease and work you to the bone, enters into your life. The girls you meet have their own deep desires that they want to explore and inner demons that need to be cleansed. Your experiences with the girls are the key to help you overcome your writer’s block.

How you talk to each girl will affect whether she wants to hang out with you. Asking her new questions and responding to her correctly will improve her mood. If you ask her a question you've already asked or answered her incorrectly, her mood will worsen. If she's in a good enough mood, you can go on a date with her.

Each girl has her own routine and preferences, and so tracking her will require knowing where she is and at what time of day. There are four time cycles in a day. Once you choose where to go, time will pass, so plan ahead and choose wisely.

The dates in FluvStruck aren't immediate, as you schedule them ahead of time on your calendar. Pick the day and location for when you meet, making sure to show up at the right place during the right time cycle. The dates consist of a match-three puzzle game, where you experiment with tokens to find out what each girl likes and hates. It’s not implemented in the demo right now, but the mystery tokens will cause the game board to switch out for a memory/question-based game where you can earn extra turns and points. As you get to know and date them, you can unlock special events with your favorite girls.


- 6 girls, each with their own unique personalities and adult experiences

- Girls will remember your choices

- All girls will be fully voiced

- 100+ items including food, drinks, sexy gifts and more

- 10 locations to explore

- Gorgeous environments with full day/night cycles

- Work a job and manage your time effectively

While there are three girls featured in the demo, there are more to come in the full game.

Saber Studios is asking for $12,214 (7,892€,) to fund FluvStruck. If they reach their goal, there are nine additional stretch goals to reach for.

At $13,729 (11,600€), a new character named Fae, along with new music and three new locations, will be added to the game. Fae is a wild card type of girl with an attitude. You’ll never know what she’ll do next, but it’s bound to be interesting.

At $16,332 (13,800€), another new character named Mikumi, three more locations, and more music will be added. Mikumi is a coach and she’s more than ready to work you hard.

At $18,936 (16,000€), a third character named Daisy, three new locations, and music will be added. Daisy is a helpful teacher who's willing to stay after class with you for extra lessons.

At $21,540 (18,200€), the pop idol Jasmine will enter the game, along with some new music and three new locations.

At $23,907 (20,200€), yet another new character, Mia, two more locations, and even more music will be added to the game. With Mia, you’ll be involved in photoshoots and explicit pictures.

At $30,653 (25,900€), Akane, the demonic succubus, will be added and each girl will get one extra CG.

At $35,269 (29,800€), the blue-blooded royal Elaine will be added, and each girl will receive an extra CG.

Finally, at $39,885 (33,700€), Saber Studios will have a fully animated 2D trailer made for the game.

The Kickstarter for FluvStruck ends on October 3rd. You can play the demo on Steam. If you enjoy the demo, you can learn more about the project or fund the game’s development on Saber Studios’ Kickstarter page.

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