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Following its release on other storefronts, Toffer Team’s Visual Novel Hikari! Love Potion has become available for purchase on JAST USA.

Hikari! Love Potion is a visual novel about a young man named Yuuta, who has lived a mundane life as an office worker until one night a magical portal opened in front of him. From the portal emerged an elven princess, who proclaimed that Yuuta is the messiah, chosen by the prophecy to save her world. She asks Yuuta to save her people from the brainwashing magic of the corrupt goddess, Beatrice, by using the titular love potion. Using the potion Yuuta will be able to free the minds of the goddess' brainwashed servants, weakening her influence on the princess' magical realm.

We've covered Hikari! Love Potion in the past, first covering the title during its original release last year. The visual novel features five voiced girls to romance, branching dialogue leading to multiple endings, interactive CGs, and unlockable gallery modes.

SOPHIA - Former Elf Princess

“Cheerful, cute, and a little bit clumsy. Sophia, the legitimate Princess of the region, has been trying to find the true savior mentioned on the prophecy for years and years after her whole family went missing during the war. Now her mission is to help Yuuta, the chosen one, to restore peace within those lands, while putting her latest creation and hope to the test... The Love Potion.”

AGNES - Elite Knight

“As the leader of the Elite Knights, Agnes has earned the respect and affection of her companions and the people from Clarendux -the city she always loved and swore to protect- thanks to her strong attitude and will to always help the weak. However, after a mysterious visit during the war, her ideals and goals seem to have changed radically...

Will you use the Love Potion to conquer Agnes and make her join your team or will you end up being just another victim of her sword?”

IRIS - Slave Maid

“Calm, shy and insecure. Iris has been an orphan for most of her life, becoming one of the most important and reliable maids in the city from a very young age. Now, she lives only to serve her mistress in a world full of pain and torture. Despite all of this, this pretty and kind girl seems to have a secret or two under her sleeve. Do you have what it takes to conquer her heart and make her join you with the powers of the Love Potion?”

RINU - Succubus Guardian

“Rinu is the most powerful succubus of these lands, guardian of Pleasure Valley and all its surroundings. Thanks to her immense power and sexy figure, even the bravest of warriors has fallen to her charms during the war. With a strong, daring and ruthless attitude, this beautiful

creature won't hesitate to put you on your knees to make you her slave if you decide to take the challenge. Are you ready for it?”

Beatrice - Overconfident, arrogant, powerful, evil, sexy

You can now purchase Hikari! Love Potion on JAST USA for the promotional price of $3.99. Later, the visual novel will cost $4.99 at full price.

Hikari! Love Potion is also available on Nutaku, Steam, and Denpasoft, where it is available for $4.99.

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