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Adventure Game !NPC SEX! Seeding All Women to Promote World Peace Now Available on

Save the world by having sex in Hoi Hoi Hoi’s adventure game, !NPC SEX! Seeding All Women to Promote World Peace, now available on

!NPC SEX! Seeding All Women to Promote World Peace is a role-playing adventure game taking place in a fantasy world. The game follows an adventurer who took part in the war against demons. As the game begins, the hero acquires a new set of powers: women can no longer refuse to have sex with them, and will instead act as if he wasn’t even there. If he inseminates them, they will begin to emit an aura that changes the minds of people around them, causing them to err towards peacefulness and shun the ways of war. If the hero can use this power on enough women, neither humans nor demons will be interested in waging wars.

The gameplay of !NPC SEX! Seeding All Women to Promote World Peace consists mainly of exploration and features no combat. The player keeps looking for women and ways to unlock access to new areas. There are fourteen adult scenes to find and a gallery mode becomes available after beating the game.

■ Story

The protagonist, Paras, wants the world to be peaceful.

The battle between humans and demons should be stopped.

With his mysterious power, he has only one thing to do...

Have sex! Have sex with women who don't resist and then plant seeds on their bodies!

■ Sexual Partners

☆ Woman in Pub

☆ Customer in Weapon shop

☆ Woman cheating in Warehouse

☆ Queen in Royal Palaces

☆ Wizard in Front Base

☆ Front Manager of Front-line Headquarters

☆ Someone's girlfriend in Monster Forest

☆ Fairy in Mysterious Stone Mountain


■ Content

14 basic CGs. No battles.

Memorial Room in the end.

You can purchase !NPC SEX! Seeding All Women to Promote World Peace on at the promotional price of $5.94, where it will later cost $6.99. A demo of the game is available on the store page.

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