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Visual Novel KANOSEN - My Girlfriend Is a Naughty Teacher Coming Soon to JAST USA

JAST USA announces the upcoming release of KANOSEN - My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher, an eroge visual novel with animated scenes, developed by monoceros+.

JAST USA has partnered with monoceros+ to publish their latest title, KANOSEN - My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher. The visual novel will follow a student named Yuu, whose unstoppable libido constantly disrupts his daily life, making him unable to focus on what’s important. This is especially difficult for Yuu at school, due to the fact he’s attracted to Kaori-sensei, his teacher whose presence alone causes him constant distress. That is, until Kaori herself notices that Yuu behaves unusually for a student and decides to talk to him in private. Kaori offers to do anything for Yuu as long as it will help him study and enjoy school, and when asked by Yuu if she will help him find relief, surprisingly, she agrees.

KANOSEN - My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher will have an international release, becoming available in English at the time of its Japanese release. The visual novel will feature three hentai sets, each containing four animated scenes, which will be uncensored in the English version of the visual novel. Screenshots in the gallery below come from the Japanese previews of KANOSEN - My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher.

Hatori Yuu has a problem: his sex drive is so ridiculously strong it's disrupting his day to day life.

If he doesn't jack off at least three times a day he gets so horny he can't concentrate on anything else. His half-hearted responses in class and general inattention haven't gone unnoticed, either, and his teacher, Takehaya Kaori, has scolded him on a number of occasions.

Yuu, however, has fallen head over heels for the kind and beautiful Kaori-sensei. Thanks to his raging libido, that means that just looking at her puts him at full mast in an instant. He can only make so many excuses and run away so many times before Kaori-sensei finally gets suspicious and calls him out after school.

Alone with Kaori-sensei in the quiet, empty student counseling room. As Yuu's heart pounds its way out of his chest, she asks if he's being bullied—but of course, he could never admit that his real problem revolves around the lust for her that burns away within him.

Kaori-sensei takes his hand and tearfully explains that she just wants him to enjoy his school life, that she'd do anything to help him. Her damp eyes, her sweet fragrance, her sizable bust pressed against his knees, and her hand, gripping his... It's the first time Yuu's felt that much bodily contact and it overwhelms him. He comes. Hard.

As the stain spreads out across his crotch and the embarrassment takes hold, Yuu throws caution to the wind and asks Kaori-sensei to help him masturbate—and astonishingly enough, she agrees. And so begins their secretive school affair…

KANOSEN - My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher will be available on JAST USA on September 25, 2020. There’s no official store page for the visual novel as of yet, and the price hasn’t been announced so far.

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