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Aid magical girls in their quest to defeat demons in Magicami DX, a gacha-based RPG now available on Nutaku.

Magicami DX is a mix between a turn-based RPG with a visual novel, in which you manage a team of magical girls in order to fight demons that prey on the innocent. The protagonist of the story is a young man who's been transported to a world between worlds by a mysterious goddess. The goddess explains that the population of demons has been on the rise as of late, and now she needs help in protecting the world. While she doesn't provide many details as to the demon's nature, the protagonist cannot allow innocent girls to die when he has the power to save them, agreeing to help. With the goddess' aid, the protagonist can become a cat-like being known as Omni. In this form, he can help girls transform into magical girls, providing them with the powers necessary to save themselves and others.

Currently, Magicami DX features twelve girls that you can unlock and compose into teams of five in order to fight against demons or other players in turn-based battles. Each girl comes in a variety of magical dresses that grant her unique skills and stat boosts and can be upgraded. New girls can be unlocked by playing through the story mode, which features episodic narration in the style of a visual novel, or by participating in the game’s gacha system, allowing you to buy random characters in randomly selected dresses.

By progressing through the story and improving high rarity dresses, you can unlock extra story episodes, which may contain erotic CGs.

A next-gen tale of youth taking place on the busy streets of Shibuya!

Assuming the role of a young boy charged with leading 12 magical girls, you must forge bonds with them through battle, and help them to unlock their innermost "possibility"!

Send your magical girls to battle in 3D!

Change their dresses, and hit up the gacha for more! Cute or cool, anything and everything you're looking for can be found here!

Enjoy smooth auto-battle gameplay, or make use of the flexible skill system to unlock endless possibilities!

There are so many more interesting things to see and explore, so why not give it a try!

Check out the official website for more detailed game information and updates on events and so forth!

-Characters modeled in full 3D!

-A next-gen magical girl RPG!

-Turn-based battles allow for endless strategic possibilities! Easy to learn, but tough to master!

-Try out new dresses to unlock your battle potential!

-In Magicami, you can combine the hidden potential of various dresses to match your own play style! Even the same dress can become totally different depending on how you equip it!

-There are loads of skills to use in Magicami, each including their own special effects.

-Auto-battle and auto-play available! Say goodbye to tedious manual grinding!

-Choose when and where to manually interact with your party!

-In-depth orb system! Boost your dress' parameters by equipping them with orbs!

Magicami DX is available for free on Nutaku for PC and Android devices.

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