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A fan translation patch of the Jinsei tsukoudome’s NTR nukige, Iroyoridori is now available.

Iroyoridori is the sixth game of Jinsei tsukoudome’s collection of netorare themed games. The series revolves around heroines consenting to being sexually toyed with by their new lovers, not the protagonists.

You play as Makoto Hirata, a pessimist who has trouble connecting with others. The only relationship he was able to maintain was with his childhood friend, Mizuki Nijihara. One day, he finds Shou Hasegawa. the school playboy, having sex with one of his female classmates. Realizing the thrill he gets from watching, Makoto continued to spy on Shou as he made his way through one girl after another. There’s the famous upperclassman, the class representative, the underclassman from his old school, and even Mizuki.

There are thirty-seven base CGs and forty re-watchable H-scenes with art done by Kasukazu. Including the different variations, there are eight hundred images.

From the anonymous fan translator's post.

Installation should be simple: Take the three folders inside the patch rar, and put the folders in the same directory as the game's .exe and data.ypf file.

Please support the official release by purchasing the VN. It's from a very small dev team, the VN is quite cheap, and they absolutely deserve your support. I've seen a few people ask how they can support me financially, and my response is always that the best way to do so is by buying the original VNs.

You can find Iroyoridori for purchseon DLsite at the the discounted price of $9.34 (estimated from ¥990). After September 23rd, the sale will end and the price will increase back to its usual $18.69 (estimated from ¥1,980). There is also a demo available; however, it's in Japanese.

If you do plan on downloading it, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page. English translation patch can be downloaded from the fan translator's archived post.

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