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The student council representative has made romantic relationships allowed on campus but has become too overworked to enjoy them in IxSHE Tell, now available on PC.

IxSHE Tell is a romantic comedy visual novel developed by Hooksoft and published by NekoNyansoft. The game was also a runner-up in the 2018 Moe Game Awards. You play as Ninomiya Hajime, the representative of the student council. Ever since Kenseikan Academy was founded over one hundred years ago, romantic relationships were banned from the school premises.

Thanks to the student council (primarily Hajime), the ban on romance has been lifted. Unfortunately, he’s too busy with work and keeping the school under control to find a girlfriend. If this wasn’t frustrating enough, five different girls have since declared their love for him. If things get too wild, they might just reinstate the ban on romance. Will Hajime ever get a break or will he get a girlfriend?

Enjoy a pure love story with five cute heroines to be with Hajime. There’s his quiet childhood friend, Hanamori Shiori; the girl who transferred schools just to be with him, Koshizumi Kasumi; the school idol and beauty pageant queen, Yuuki Ayaka; the student president of Kenseikan’s sister school, Kozuka Yui; and the strict student council vice president, Yamabuki Yoshino. Spend what little time you have available with the five different ladies. There are also some dating sim elements to the game: watch scenes from different angles and spend heart points on the heroines that are winning over your heart.

Hanamori Shiori

Hajime’s childhood friend, who has stuck by his side through thick and thin, and understands him better than anyone else.

A calm and modest girl of few words, Shiori is regarded by those around her as the perfect flower for her silent support of Hajime.

However, the truth of the matter is that she has extreme social anxiety and gets easily tongue-tied around others. While she struggles to express herself with words, however, she is more than capable of demonstrating her emotions and resolve through action.

Koshizumi Kasumi

A buxom beauty who knew Hajime many years ago, and transferred to this school in order to see him again.

Kasumi’s goal had been to confess her love to him all along—and that’s exactly what she does, on the very day they reunite.

She boldly declares that she’ll allow any of his desires, lavishing him with unconditional affection. Nevertheless, she refuses to make the first move, instead using sweet words to coax Hajime into taking the initiative.

Yuuki Ayaka

The school idol, adored by all, and winner of the annual beauty pageant for two years running.

She loves being in the spotlight, every action of hers driven by a desire to earn affection and admiration from others.

She secretly pours her all into improving herself, looking for a boyfriend who can live up to the same high standards that she holds herself to. Due to her bright and bombastic personality, people tend to think of her as something of a playgirl, but in truth, she’s anything but.

Kozuka Yui

The charismatic student president of Kenseikan Academy’s sister school, located on the same island.

Yui is a sophisticated young lady who comes from a wealthy family with longstanding reputation

and connections to the school.

She is a curious girl who dislikes being passive, preferring to do things herself over relying on others. She takes pride in herself as a woman, and hates having her character judged by her appearance alone. For that reason, Yui always does her best to behave like the ideal mature woman in her mind—especially around Hajime.

Yamabuki Yoshino

Straight-laced and always straight-faced, Yoshino is the student council vice president.

Although exceedingly strict on herself, she is a kind girl at heart who finds it difficult to treat others with those same principles.

As the representative of the anti-romance faction, she had run for student council president in opposition against Hajime, who had pledged to lift the ban on romantic relationships. However, the more she tries to deny her feelings for him, the stronger those feelings begin to grow—despite her adamant refusal to admit as such. Due to her transparent personality, there’s little doubt to anyone who knows her what her true feelings are. However, that simply adds to her charm.

You can buy IxSHE Tell on sale from NekoNyan for $27.99, MangaGamer for $26.95, and Steam, Denpasoft, and JASTUSA for $26.99. After September 4th, the sale on Steam will end, and the price will increase to $29.99. If you plan to buy the Steam version, there is an 18+ patch available on NekoNyan.

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