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Fight or tease monsters to tame them, then have them join your party in the dungeon-crawling adventure, Tamer.

Tamer is a monster taming RPG in development, sporting features such as stat building and character customization. You have the option to make your character a male, female, futanari, or femboy. These are the types of monsters you will find in-game, but you have the option to disable futanaris and femboys if you don’t want them to appear in the game. You can change the color of your skin, eyes, hair, genitalia, clothes, and makeup, as well as adjust the size of your overall body, breasts, and dick. At the bottom left of the screen, you can click the weapon button to look through all the available weapons. There is also the option to choose your character’s species, but only if you become a patron on the developer's Patreon. After designing your character, you can choose your class from one of four: hunter, warrior, mage, and rogue.

The basic story of Tamer is that you have finally become old enough to tame monsters and earn money just like your sister did before she died. After learning a few things from your mother and her monster, Dusty, you set out to tame some monsters for yourself.

There are no random encounters, but the monsters will run towards you if you are too close to them and combat will commence. Your enemies may be carrying items or wearing armor, which can either be removed by attacking the monsters or teasing them into taking it off. To end the battle, either reduce the enemy's health or increase their lust to the point where they can no longer fight.

At the end of the battle, you can choose to tame one monster. Taming a monster will let you choose the taming method. These include berating, watching, touching, or dominating the monster during sex. A series of arrow keys will appear at the bottom of the screen. Type out the keys in the order provided before they disappear. Correct keystrokes increase the taming bar, incorrect keystrokes decrease the bar, and the ones you can’t type in time are not counted. If you fill the bar, you will have successfully tamed the monster, letting you name it and join your party, provided your party isn't full. If you have no room in your party, the new monster will be sent to your home. If you fail to fill the bar, the monster will leave, but you can take any of their items. If your monster room becomes full, you can make room by selling one of your monsters.

In the future, Plague Studios plans to add seventy different species that you can tame or play as and a fifty-floor dungeon. There will be multiple home locations in different areas and upgrades to acquire. Additionally, new top-down artwork will also be made for the game.

You can play the public build of Tamer on If you enjoyed it, you can fund the game’s development by checking out Plague Studios’ Patreon and becoming a patron.

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