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A young man has fifteen days before his vacation ends and he starts his new job. Spend your time wisely in the free-to-play yaoi visual novel Tomai.

We previously wrote an article about Tomai three years ago, when it was created for the Yaoi Game Jam of 2017. The game was made in three months and gives you the option to choose between the PG-13 version and the R-18 version.

You play as Tomai, a young man who has fifteen free days before the annual Night Festival. After that, he has to take over his father’s job as the town leader. Still uncertain about the future or his priorities, how shall Tomai spend his last days of vacation? Will he spend time with his dad to learn more about his new job, get to know the mysterious secondary leader that he will be working with, or hang out with his friends, Burdoc and Malik? How will his choices effect his relationships?

You choose who of the four characters Tomai spends time with for each of the fifteen days, so spend your time wisely. There are eight endings in the game and five extra stories that take place after the main story.

About the Game

- 30k main story word count! 8 different endings!

- +10k in additional epilogue content, 5 extra stories in total!

- 15 days to explore, 4 distinct characters to get to know!

- Spend time with your Dad, get to know The Lady, or perhaps try to close the gap between you and your friends Malik and Burdoc.

- A completely original soundtrack!

- Available for PC, Mac, Linux, or Android devices!

- PG-13 and/or R-18 versions of the game.

You can find Tomai free-to-play on Steam.

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