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See love blossom on a train commute in Frontwing's Loca-Love: My Commuting Crush, a visual novel now available on JAST USA and FAKKU.

Loca-Love: My Commuting Crush follows a young man named Aoi Ichitaro, who, after an accident at his apartment, had to move in with his relatives. This resulted in him having to take the train to school, rather than his usual on-foot route. The train route he chose turned out to be the same one that his crush, Aritagawa Nio, uses. Ichitaro attempts to use this opportunity to establish a relationship with her, and while unsuccessful at first, he breaks through after helping Nio when he finds her ill at the station. Even as the two become intimate, though, Nio refuses to become Ichitaro’s girlfriend.

The visual novel is a romantic slice of life story, and a sequel to Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate. Originally, Loca-Love: My Commuting Crush was planned to release on Steam the previous year, but wasn't able to get past the Steam approval process. As such, Frontwing instead partnered with JAST USA and FAKKU to deliver the visual novel to Western audiences.

Aoi Ichitaro's easy ten-minute commute has been ruined by a domestic disaster that leaves him traveling an hour each way to and from school. It might sound rough, but every cloud has a silver lining - in this case, a girl called Aritagawa Nio.

The most beautiful girl in class, the cool and aloof Nio seems completely unapproachable. But now, traveling on the same train with her every day, Ichitaro might just have the chance to make his relationship with her become something more than a crush.

At first his attempts to talk to her come to nothing, but one day he finds her lying ill on a bench at the station and helps her home. Her attitude toward him starts to gradually change...

"Y-You just happened to sit down next to me. It's not like I was waiting for you or anything."

Their relationship starts to pick up speed like a runaway train, and they end up in all manner of scrapes on their way to and from school.

But throughout, there's one thing Nio won't allow - She absolutely refuses to be Ichitaro's girlfriend, no matter how far they end up going!

The pair barrel down the tracks of love, sometimes threatening to go off the rails.

Where exactly will their journey take them?

You can purchase Loca-Love: My Commuting Crush on JAST USA and FAKKU for $19.99.

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