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Follow audience feedback during the livestream and make moves on the virgin special guest in Shohei’s Adult Streaming Channel, now available on Steam and Denpasoft.

Published by Denpasoft, Shohei’s Adult Streaming Channel is an animated visual novel and the first Nurarihyon's games to make it overseas. Sohei, the titular character, is the host of an adult internet program where he teases innocent women on stream. Based on the feedback from chat, Shohei gets up close and personal with his female guests and, if things go well, sex follows — which ended up making the show a huge success. Today’s special guest is Takakura Saeko, a virgin in a relationship who has no idea what she’s getting into. Can Shohei convince Saeko to give her virginity to him on a live stream?

The game plays out like an interactive animation. The 3D CG animated clips are played and choices will appear. Pick one and the animation will continue from that choice. You will also have the ability to replay clips that you have already seen.


- High quality, fully animated artwork.

- Smooth 3DCG animation that gives the motion a realistic softness and quality.

- Scene select mode accessible by selecting the "Past Videos" option

- Japanese language voice acting

- English subtitles

- Voice & music sound controls

- Full screen and windowed options

- Contains scenes for adults only with mosaic censorship over the genitals

- Plenty of content that you can enjoy and easily rewatch your favorite scenes

- Choices you make will allow you to see different dialog

You can buy Shohei’s Adult Streaming Channel on Steam and Denpasoft for the discounted price of $11.69. After August 28th the sale on Steam will end and will increase back to its normal price of $12.99.

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