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Help Pablo save his boyfriend from the evil Mofir in Male Doll’s Boyfriend’s Rescue - Gay Platform Game, now available on Steam.

Boyfriend’s Rescue - Gay Platform Game is a boys love adventure platformer and one of Male Doll's biggest projects this year. The story starts off with a troubled couple, Pablo and Alex. When their relationship became bland, Alex went to a sex shop, the Big Butt, to spice things up in the bedroom. After that, he never returned home. Worried sick, Pablo goes to the Big Butt to search for Alex. While there, he skimmed through a purple book called the Gay Sutra and noticed one of the characters looked exactly like Alex. Suddenly, a strange fairy named Lady Mustache appeared from the book and told Pablo what happened to his missing boyfriend.

Within the pages of the Gay Sutra is the Sexual Land, the villainous Mofir has kidnapped many beautiful boys from Earth to choose his next husband and Alex is one of his chosen boys. Pablo needs to go into the Gay Sutra, fight his way through horny monsters, and Morfir himself if he wants to save his dear Alex. Can he handle all the surprises this naughty book has in store for him?


- Sexual Costumes with different types of mechanics;

- Sexual Animations;

- VOICE AND MOANS for the main protagonist;

- Dick Ride;

- Story Events;

- Map Navigation;

- Platform game inspired on the ones from the '90s;

This game had Patricia Leite as an Accessibility Consultant.

You can purchase Boyfriend’s Rescue - Gay Platform Game from Steam for the discounted price of $8.99. After August 28th, the sale will end and the price will increase back to $9.99.

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