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Winterwolves Seeks Funding for Yuri Visual Novel Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel

Follow Hazel, an imprisoned witch of Aravorn, to her premature death in Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel, a visual novel now seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel is a third-person yuri visual novel, narrated by the Nameless God, a mysterious tentacled entity. The Nameless God lives in the Under-Realm, where he holds souls in limbo until he decides what to do with them. One soul that has piqued his interest is Hazel, a woman with black hair. While she is tightly entwined by his tentacles, the Nameless God observes all her memories.

Hazel is a witch that was imprisoned by the Council of Grimoire in Aravorn, the same setting as Winterwolves' fantasy RPG, Loren The Amazon Princess. The council believed she was one of the last witches in Aravorn and interrogated her for the location of the rest of the witches. Hazel is determined to escape to protect her fellow witches. As it turns out, locked up in the cell next to hers is a beautiful assassin named Sasha, willing to help her escape. Hazel has more than one option in this situation, as she also has the choice to trust Tori, the paladin interrogating her. It’s risky, yet she can’t help but feel a connection with her. Whether Hazel trusts the assassin or the paladin, her soul ends up in the Under-Realm. Can Hazel yet change her tragic fate?

These are the game's main characters.

Hazel - One of the last witches in Aravorn - at least, that's what the Council of Grimoire thinks. She's being held prisoner in the hopes that she'll spill what she knows about the rest of them. Now Hazel has to somehow find a way to protect her fellow witches and herself.

Sasha - Hazel's chatty cellmate. Though she seems to be an open book, she's actually rather mysterious. She hasn't had an easy life which is what ultimately led to her becoming an assassin for hire. Don't be deceived by her appearance, she has more than earned that title.

Tori - Once a Disciple of Truth, she left the temple on Mount Kronos to found her own order of Templars. Strong and determined, she is in charge of a task force responsible for hunting down any witches left in Aravorn.

Winterwolves is asking for $1,187 to fund Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel on Kickstarter. They have already reached that goal, but there are still additional stretch goals available.

At $2,373 (2000€), more outfits and poses will be added for the characters.

At $3,560 (3000€), bonus scenes will be added to Tori’s route.

At $4,746 (4000€), bonus scenes will be added to Sasha’s route.

At $5,933 (5000€), there will be full HD artwork available including CGs. At $7,120 (6000€), there will be extra sexy and nude variants of all CGs.

At $9,493 (8000€), the game will get an original soundtrack and theme song.

There are more stretch goals that have yet to be revealed. As of this article's writing, the game has raised $6,869 or 5.786€. The game's first five stretch goals have already been reached.

The campaign for Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel ends on September 11th. If you're interested in funding the game’s development, consider checking out the campaign info on Winterwolves’s Kickstarter page.

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