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Team Monolith Is Developing Open World Dating Adventure Monolith Bay

With the help of your stepsister and mad scientist uncle, rescue your parents from limbo and uncover the secrets of the town in Monolith Bay.

Monolith Bay is an open world game where you play as Luke Parker, though the first name can be changed. He and his stepsister Violet suddenly need to move in with their Uncle Lloyd at Monolith Bay due to a strange occurrence. Their parents, along with their physical house, vanished into thin air and the siblings have no idea how to bring them back. Upon arriving at Lloyd’s house, he explains how their parents were helping him with something, but an accident sent them and the house into limbo. Luke and Violet will need to help Lloyd fix his mistakes if they ever want to see their parents again. Is there more going on in this town than people let on?

The game is set in a large world to explore with a few activities and adult content. You're able to check out the neighborhood around Lloyd’s house, the college Debbie goes to, and more. You gain the affection of girls you meet by choosing the right dialogue options and giving them gifts. Money is earned through jobs and quests. Though, the only job available in this build is working as a pizza delivery driver, driving from location to the next to make deliveries. There is also sex ed homework for college that you can do to boost your intelligence. This homework just quizzes your knowledge on sexual trivia and the body.

Team Monolith has multiple new features and additions planned for Monolith Bay in the future. They intend to flesh out the plot and add more areas to explore. There will be at least eight girls you could date and get intimate with. More adult encounters will be included in the game, and a variety of interactive sex scenes will also be included.

You can check out the public build of Monolith Bay on Patreon. If you like what you see, consider supporting the game’s development by donating or becoming a patron.

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