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Fight your delusions as you raise idols to fame in Lewd Producer, a free-to-play clicker game now available on Nutaku.

In Lewd Producer, you play as a delusional man who always wanted to have his way with popular idols. One day, the protagonist is scouted by a businesswoman and hired as a producer, having seen the creative potential laying in his overactive imagination. While he is given a warning that he can’t make idols do lewd things, there’s always a chance that he will simply grow close to one or some of them.

To play Lewd Producer, you simply have to tap on the image of a girl the producer’s imagining at the moment. With enough taps, the delusion is dispelled, granting you idea points, which can be used to strengthen your taps, unlock new abilities, or purchase tools that will periodically tap on their own. After getting through a number of girls, you will run into a boss, who you have to defeat within a time limit. If you do so successfully, you'll advance to the next stage, where girls require more taps but give more points.

After clearing enough stages you will unlock a new lewd file, which will allow you to access and level up an erotic scene. The erotic scenes in Lewd Producer feature multiple stages that have to be unlocked separately and feature progressively more erotic variants of the scene, accompanied by new narration.

One day, I was suddenly scouted as a producer for an idol.

I work with my idol and I fantasize about playing a naughty prank on her.

Use the plan you came up with at work to produce girls and get to know them better.

Thus began my life as a producer.

It's a clicker game where you can easily watch eroticism.

You can play naughty pranks on over 50 girls.

You can unlock over 90 different sex scenes.

You can enhance it by gaining items in the gacha.

-Top tools/modification parts

You can customize the tool to play pranks on girls with your fantasies.


The goods you need to produce a girl.


You can bring your idol into the office and work with them.

You can play Lewd Producer for free on Nutaku in your browser or on Android devices.

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