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As Lust, seduce the rest of the seven deadly sins of Las Vegas in the boys love visual novel Sinsations.

Sinsations follows Kosuke Arai, a soul in Hell that is given the opportunity to be the new deadly sin Lust. All he needs to do is complete Lucifer’s task. To prove that he is worthy of becoming Lust, Kosukue must seduce the other six Deadly Sins within two months. If he fails Lucifer’s task, his soul will be returned to Hell to live the rest of eternity in boredom.

This game has six dateable characters, with the possibility of more in the future. Each of your love interests will have their own unique story with sex scenes and multiple endings. There are choices to make which can increase or decrease the affection a character has for you. Your choices will lead you to a good end, neutral end, or bad end. All characters — including Kosuke, the rest of the sins, minor characters, and NPCs — will be fully voice acted.

Below are the main characters of the game:

Sinsations is an 18+ visual novel set in modern Las Vegas. You play as Lust, a newly recruited Deadly Sin. Lust has been given a task from Lucifer to prove his worth: seduce the other six Deadly Sins, within two months. You'll have plenty of opportunity to succeed, and fail, Lucifer's test. All decisions made in the game carry weight, so you'll have to put in some thought for each one!

Whether showing extra attention to Pride, or being lazy with Sloth, the choices you make can turn the story down many different paths!

Sinsations features full voice acting and plenty of uncensored, not safe for work artwork. Each Deadly Sin route has multiple endings, and choices influenced by who you choose to date, and sometimes in what order!

Frigid Delights Studios is asking for $19,200 to fund Sinsations. If they reach their goal, they have four stretch goals available. At $20,000, minigames will be added to different tasks that Kyosuke does. Minigames would be added to activities like gambling with Greed or snooping through Pride’s journal. At $22,500, Lucifer, the lord of Hell, will be a romanceable character with his own route. At $25,000, there will be more CGs and more endings, both good and bad. Finally, at $29,000, demon form miniature routes will be added to the game. If this stretch goal is met, you can see what these characters look like in their sexy demon forms.

As if writing the Kickstarter for Sinsations is sitting at $11,432 of the $19,200 goal and ends September 10th. The game is planned for PC, iOS, and Android, though, as of right now, the demo is only available for PC on Itch.io. You can learn more info about the campaign and fund the game’s development on Kickstarter.

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