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HotPink Is Making the Nukige Visual Novel Irresistible

Circle HotPink is currently developing a nukige visual novel about the effects of a love potion, titled Irresistible.

In Irresistible, you play as a young man who, against his better judgment, decides to purchase a love potion. The bottle appears right next to him mere moments after he pays, but thinking nothing of the unusual delivery, he decides to consume it. The very next morning, his stepmother can’t stop herself from offering to help with the protagonist's morning wood, confirming the potion's effects.

The game takes on a straightforward nukige formula: you have tasks to do in various locations, and wherever you choose to go, you’ll bump into a girl who finds you — as the title suggests — irresistible. This eventually leads to a simple, interactive scene, where you have to rub the point of interest — usually the groin area — until you advance to the orgasm sequence. The latest version of the game features two fully voiced characters, each with a single adult scene dedicated to them.

Irresistible is being developed by HotPink, who has previously worked on Lewd City Girls and Tentacle Locker.

“Huh, What’s this Drink?

A Love Potion that makes you irresistible to any girl.

Yea right, that only works in the movies and anime

But… what if it really DOES work?”

Only one way to find out 😉

Play “Irresistible” by the HotPink Games Circle and see how many sexy situations you can get yourself into! Enjoy the smooth sexy sounds while you sit back and relax in this immersive experience.

You can download a public demo of Irresistible from If you’d like to support the project or find out more about HotPink's games, you can do so on their Patreon. A pledge of $6.15 or more will grant you access to the latest build of the visual novel, which contains one extra scene featuring a goth store clerk.

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