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Flaming Firefly seeks funding for a furry dating sim about an overseer of witches in training, titled Lovely Overseer.

Flaming Firefly, a team of independent developers specialized in the production of eroge games with anthropomorphic characters, have appeared on Kickstarter with a new crowdfunding campaign for their latest project, Lovely Overseer.

In Lovely Overseer you will play as a lieutenant overseeing the correction of magically talented individuals at an isolated military academy. While your students are highly talented, they can't control their powers, and may act irrationally due to their addiction to mana. Your job is to keep everyone safe and help students pass their tests, all the while pleasing the demands of your sadistic and authoritarian superior, who’s an accomplished witch herself. If your students fail, they will be isolated from the society entirely, as their powers are too dangerous to themselves and those around them. As such, not only their careers are at stake, but also their lives.

Gameplay of Lovely Overseer will put your time management skills to a test. Aside from having to work at the office and train your squad, you'll also be able to give individual lessons to a trio of students, all the while having to manage your own personal needs. Taking actions throughout the day will deplete your energy and may cause fatigue. The key to winning the game will lay in finding a balance between your work and personal life, as well as in finding effective ways to communicate with the different students.

Flaming Firefly has been developing the game out of their own pocket for the past two years, and have completed about two-thirds of the project so far. To completely finalize the work they will require financial aid of at least $5,860 USD (estimated from €5,000). Majority of the funds would go towards financing art and animation, as well as writing and editing.

Backers of the game can expect a collection of rewards, most notably a Steam copy of the game will be available upon its release to everyone who donates $11.79 USD (estimated from €10). Supporters at the $17.69 USD (estimated from €15) tier will be credited in the game. Further tiers offer dakimakura, art assets, beta access, extra copies of the game, including a physical version at $58.96 USD (estimated from €50), digital artbooks, and the OST. Most dedicated supporters who pledge $212.24 USD (estimated from €180) can work with the team to create one of the animated scenes in the game, and those who pledge $707.48 USD (estimated from €600) can help create one of the minor characters who will appear in the game's main plot.

This is the second time Flaming Firefly has attempted to crowdfund Lovely Overseer, with their previous campaign being unsuccessful, but ending close to its goal. As such, the target of the current campaign has been scaled down, but plans for stretch goals remain, as well as offering extended features and quality improvements if the current goal is sufficiently exceeded.

Base Goal: $5,895.68 USD (estimated from €5,000).

Dakimakuras: $9,433.08 USD (estimated from €8,000). Dakimakura will be drawn for all of the main girls.

Secret Ending: $14,149.62 USD (estimated from €12,000).

Animated Background: $17,687.03 USD (estimated from €15,000).

More CGs: $23,582.70 USD (estimated from €20,000).

Translation: $35,374.05 USD (estimated from €30,000).

Voice Acting: $53,061.08 USD (estimated from €45,000).

More RPG Elements: $64,852.43 USD (estimated from €55,000).

You can find out more about Lovely Overseer and support the campaign on Kickstarter, where you will also find a demo of the game. At the time of writing, the campaign has gathered $5,029 USD (€4,291) out of its $5,860 USD goal (estimated from €5,000). The campaign has been set up under the all or nothing rules, and as such all donations will be returned if the base goal isn’t met before the deadline of September 18th 2020, 12:22 PM EDT.

The final version of Lovely Overseer will be published under the developer Furry Tale, which will become Flaming Firefly’s development branch dedicated solely to furry games. You can already find the a page for the game on Steam, where the demo is also available.

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