Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

In this installment of the Flower Charm series, Flower Charm Sequel - Mansion of Captivation, Yuka is brutally disciplined and brainwashed with pleasure.

Developed by Double Soft Cream, Flower Charm Sequel - Mansion of Captivation is the third part of the Flower Charm series, but the first game. Flower Charm Part 1 - Fallen Bride and Flower Charm Part 2 - Broken Bride were 3D hentai animations. All of them follow Yuka, a young wife whose husband works so much that he can’t fulfill her sexual desires. When her brother-in-law catches her masturbating at home, he promises to keep it a secret from her husband if she does whatever he tells her.

In the game, Yuka has run away from home, but her brother-in-law’s training is still ingrained on her body. Without a place to go, she wanders about, trying to release her unquenchable lust. Little does Yuka know, there are already people who have their eyes on her. While trying to escape a sexless marriage and family drama, she somehow winds up in a mysterious mansion.

Flower Charm Sequel - Mansion of Captivation gives Yuka a new look as well as combining 3D effects and illustrations together. In the game, you play as a sex trainer tasked with brainwashing and disciplining Yuka through pleasure. You can accomplish this task by stimulating the five sexual regions via new training techniques, tools, and skills. The training is highly customizable, allowing you to do all sorts of combinations with adult toys, choose ejaculation time, and control the camera. You can also set camera shortcuts for easy access to the areas you want to focus on.

Key Points

- A fusion of real-time 3D and illustrations make for a fresh experience!

- Enjoy seeing the heroine get corrupted with lust because of your skill use.

- Includes tons of ecchi effects. Enjoy realistic fluids, breaths, sweat, and the like!

- Forced milking, suckling, nipple jobs, titjobs, and other breast play!

- Contains some hardcore fetish play such as enemas, egg-laying, electro-shock, etc.

- Choose your ejaculation timing, and see the heroine's realistic reaction!

- The character voice is synchronized with the movement!Cut-ins of her intense moans of pleasure add to the thrill of the training!

- The camera system lets you save your favorite positioning for later use!

You can find the English version of Flower Charm Sequel - Mansion of Captivation on DLsite for $23.75 (estimated from ¥2,530). There is a demo available, which features a short introduction and a demo movie. As is usually the case for games on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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