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Sport Game Lewd League Soccer Now Available on Nutaku

Coach the Lewd League Soccer team Vicarious Vixens in a new soccer simulator, now available for free on Nutaku.

Lewd League Soccer is an action game in which you take the role of a coach for a female soccer team known as the Vicarious Vixens, who participate in the titular lewd league. You get to pick players for the team, position them on the field, and directly control the characters during the matches themselves. The girls can run, sprint, slide, pass, and shoot the balls between one another. If you don’t fancy the idea of playing the matches yourself, there’s also an option to let the girls play on their own.

Each match is played in two rounds, between which you can return to the menus to make changes to your team. After the game is over, you’ll receive a handful of coins that can be used to buy player packs. You can replace the characters in your team with the newly gained ones, or fuse them to strengthen a particular character. As players participate in matches, their affection towards you will increase, eventually leading them to sext you, which unlocks new CGs.

Key Features


Fully Playable Soccer Matches!

Dive into the field and score as many goals as possible with your team! A winning team is a happy team! And happy players are grateful players...if you catch the drift.

25+ Match Season!

Play against some of the hottest and wildest teams as you compete in an intense season within the Lewd League.

50+ Players to Collect!

Build your dream team of sexy girls. Let them show off their skills on the field and in the sack, and let the thrills of the game wash all over you.

Engage in Hot Sexting with Your Team!

The team sure loves its Coach, and you’ll find yourself helping the girls on the pitch, but mostly, off the field and in bed.

40+ Steamy Sex Scenes to Unlock!

Get down, dirty and sticky with your Vixens and other Captains. There's almost nothing they won't do for you!

Upgradable Girls!

Upgrade your girls to make them perform at their absolute best, and reap all the naughty rewards after the game.

You can download Lewd League Soccer for Android devices for free from Nutaku.

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