You will never be the same again

A new free-to-play clicker game, aptly-named Hot Gym, has been made available for free on Nutaku's storefront.

Hot Gym is a simple clicker game in which you operate a gym used by appealing female clientele. You can build new machines by spending droplets collected from your guests. Each machine has a specific girl assigned to it and can be leveled up by spending more droplets. If you sufficiently upgrade your gym, you can then sell it off in exchange for coins, which can be used to buy permanent upgrades for your future gyms.

As you level up your girls, you will gain access to a mini-game, which, once beaten, will unlock a new picture. The mini-game requires you to generate a set amount of points by hitting a button within a time limit. The time limit can be increased by spending the in-game currency, and the number of points per tap will increase if you upgrade the machine. Your album size is limited to five pictures but can be increased by spending gems, which can also be used to remove the in-game censorship.

Head the gym with girls who have gone wild for sex!

About Hot Gym

Head the gym with girls who have gone wild for sex! Make them sweat and pleasure your wildest dreams. All the hotties have their selfies in exciting poses awaiting for you! You're here to unlock them all!

Key Features

Upgrade your gym and kinky girls will be happy to come to training only in your club. You can offer them personal training, help them meet standards and even prepare for championships. For all this you will be rewarded with private photos of these anime beauties.

You can download Hot Gym for Android devices for free from Nutaku.

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