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A politician funds his career with lewd investments in Kink Inc., an idle clicker now available on Nutaku.

Kink Inc. is a casual idle clicker in which you play as Dick, a rising political figure and a suave entrepreneur, who accidentally ordered way too many dildos. With the help of his lustful assistants, Dick decides to open a sex shop to redistribute his accidental investment, which leads him towards building an empire of adult-oriented businesses.

During the game, you will manage your assortment of businesses by opening, staffing, and upgrading them while trying to accomplish goals set by each chapter of the story. Every time you fulfill an objective, a short dialogue cutscene will play out, propelling the story forward. At the start of each chapter, your businesses reset, but all unlocks and upgrades remain.

As you progress through Kink Inc. you will have opportunities to unlock new characters who boost your businesses and feature their own side stories. Each chapter of a character’s personal story has branching dialogue options, and depending on the way you complete it, may unlock a different CG at the end.

Kink.inc is a casual game full of casual sex with benefits. As the suave entrepreneur Dick Ruff, you get to maneuver through a series of dirty schemes and kinky deals in order to kickstart your lucrative sex-fueled empire. You are a rising political figure who’ll do just about anything to make a name for yourself as A Dick You Can Trust.

Money, success, and power are just a few thrusts away!

This saucy idle clicker is bathed in neon-signs, hot women throwing themselves at your feet, and more cold hard cash than your sexy assistants can account for. Grow your reputation in the incredibly lewd main storyline and impress each hot woman you meet in their personal interactive sex stories. You decide how your sexual conquests play out! Each story is followed with high quality vertical nudes and sex scenes for your full enjoyment. It’s the daily grind, with an extra helping of glitz’n’jizz!

Experience the luxurious trappings of power with Kink.inc as you build, upgrade, and run businesses, meet hot new contacts, and expand your network of influence. Collect and upgrade sexy characters to help you run your businesses and… other needs. You decide how your sexual encounters pan out in the insanely hot interactive choose-your-own-adventure style girl stories.

You can play Kink Inc. on Nutaku for free.

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